Craft / Vine + Eat


Alice & Brohm Real Fruit Ice Cream

Get a taste of New Zealand right here in Squamish, BC with made to order real fruit ice cream. Not your average ice cream! Rich, smooth ice cream with chunks of fresh berries blended into every bite.

B & B Burgers + Crepes

Providing top quality food at reasonable prices. A family-owned and operated business that provides a variety of gourmet food at all of BC’s main events including festivals, concerts, movie sets, and the PNE.

Carte Diem

Souvlaki wraps and dinners, Greek salad, souvlaki in a bowl, and pitas. Choose from lamb, chicken, pork, (all hormone-free) or gluten free falafel. Our foods are made fresh, and come with delicious dips – hummus, tzatziki, olive or eggplant. It will be the best souvlaki you’ve have ever had!

Cin City Mini- Donuts

Mini-donuts offered in a wide variety of flavours such as, cinnamon sugar, chocolate caramel with raspberries or strawberries, chocolate, lemon and coconut.

Craving’s Kettle Corn

Gourmet popcorn kettle popped in small batches with sugar and seasoned with salt. This gives the popcorn that crunchy light coating that you crave. A perfect sweet and salty taste!

Flaca’s Tacos

The fanciest taquería in town. “Hip” isn’t even part of their vocabulario. Flaca’s Tacos just knows good, simple Mexican food: tacos, burritos, tamales y quesadillas. Nada más. Homemade and fresh! The same traditional foods and drinks made in México.

G’s Donairs

A family-owned and operated for over 11 years. These doniars are made fresh daily with only the best ingredients


Hunky Bills

Known to have “the best perogies and Ukrainian food around.” The iconic Hunky Bill’s has been serving up perogies at the PNE for the past 50 years. They recently added gluten-free option.

Lemon Heaven

Lemons are freshly squeezed in front of the customer so they know they’re getting the real thing. After all ingredients are added, the Lemon Heaven is shaken (not stirred) to ensure the beverage is chilled and all ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the fresh lemon juice, with a choice of original, cherry, lime, or iced tea flavours. Lemon Heaven also caters to diabetics upon request.

Luz Tacos

A mobile gourmet food truck that brings retro glamour and mouth-watering eats to your event or celebration. Amazing authentic tacos, tapas, fresh salsas and other unreal creations? Yes, please!

Squamish Water Kefir

Fermented living probiotics. Mountain-born and brewed in small batches in Squamish BC. Packed full of the probiotics and beneficial enzymes that our bodies love – 100% natural with only four ingredients, gluten-free, caffeine-free, dairy-free / plant-based, low in fermented sugar, adored by adults and kids alike.

On the menu- Sparkling Water Kefir, plant-based salads + bowls, kefir popsicles, power balls, and raw desserts.

Teriyaki Boys

Serving delicious fresh hot food Japanese street food since 2014. “Simple delicious food that warms the soul ❤️ good prices, good portions, good food! Yakisoba is a must!”