There will be pockets of art in the most unexpected places
and hands-on opportunities for you to take part in.


Get your hands dirty
with Paintillio

The first fabulous touch point for our arts component is Canada’s largest paint-by-number outfit Paintillio! This incredible team will be onsite leading the community in the production of a one-of-a-kind, 8 x 20 foot mural highlighting the best of Squamish.

In the end this stunning (we’re confident, can you tell?) piece of art will be installed somewhere in the community so even your grandma can see your handiwork!

Mich Prins

For me, painting has always acted as a medium for expression that surpasses the constraints of vocabulary. My art focuses on how our bodies transcribe meaning as we primarily communicate nonverbally. Simultaneously, my practice examines the nature of perception by revealing how appearance dictates social circumstance. I believe how we read art is similar to how we read people; It reflects just as much about others as it does ourselves.

Stan Matwychuk

An Artist for most of his life and a jack of all industry trades finds Stan Matwychuk of Homebase Studios a well rounded hands on creative and community collaborator. With 10 years invested into the Howe Sound Corridor Stan finds lifestyle and work intertwined into seamless experience.

Stan moved to Squamish in 2010 and hit the ground running.

He has worked with corporate mega-brands like CTV and VANOC as well as finding time to teach art classes to the youth in the corridor through studio classes and high school programs. He has facilitated the Fields Community Mural Project in Downtown Squamish on Winnipeg and Cleveland Avenue. Stan has always brought community and collaboration to the heart of all of his projects and believes that creativity will allow for new ideas and momentum.

Tierney Milne

Tierney Milne is a Montreal-born designer and artist currently living in Vancouver. Her studies in Psychology (BA, UBC) and lllustration/Design (IDEA Program, CapU)  inspire her to breakdown the complexities of our inner and outer landscapes and recombine them in colourful and unique ways. She loves to use experiential or tactile elements in her work, and often plays with unusual materials to experiment and bring a concept to life. When not doing commercial pieces, Tierney pursues her own artwork, mural, and stop-motion animation projects.

The Doodys

Blurring the boundaries between the rational and the absurd, the measurable and the metaphysical, We strive to dislodge our creative practice from the dogma of prescriptive understanding. By wrapping the immaterial and the subconscious in a blanket of contemporary psychedelia We seek to cultivate an unbridled space where contemplation and entertainment mingle freely.

Alex Fowkes

Alex Fowkes is an award winning British graphic designer, known for his unique typographic work, installations & murals. These can be found in retail stores, music venues and office spaces for the likes of Sony Music, O2 Academy & Urban Outfitters. Alex has created mammoth type installations, bespoke artwork for international advertising campaigns for clients worldwide.

Jenna D Robinson

All or nothing” is my unintentional perspective in life. Dramatic? Yes. Just like my paintings. Ironically, even though my paintings are bold and intense they inspire a sense of peace and reflection. I believe this sense of calm is born in a moment when something vast and majestic is encountered and it demands a ‘pause’ from the mental chatter.