Squamish Constellation Festival is dedicated to protecting the
environment and working towards a zero-waste festival.


There are lots of initiatives – big and small – we are undertaking to achieve our goal.
Some ways you might see this include: 


Reusable eco-cups

Reusable eco-cups will reduce waste and cut down on the resources used to recycle an entire festival’s worth of single-use plastic cups and cans (though some aluminium containers will still be present on site – these will be recycled!).

How this works: 

The first drink you buy will include a $2 cup surcharge. It’s an awesome cup – you won’t be sorry!

When you purchase your next drink, you’ll trade in this cup for a new one for no additional charge.

At the end of night, you can return your cup and get your $2 back OR you can take home your cup, give it a wash and keep it for years to come. Every time you drink from it you will be flooded with stellar memories!

If you lose your cup, try finding one on the ground to trade in (we won’t know it wasn’t yours)!

If you return to the bar empty handed or with a damaged cup, you will be charged an additional $2 for a new one.

Zero waste stations

Our zero waste stations will have a friendly attendants to help you know put your products in the correct bin.

Water bottle filling station

A free water bottle filling station will be available on site to reduce single use plastics. Bring your own empty container through the front gates, or fill your reusable cup between trips to the Big Rock bars.

Compostable or fiberware containers

Food trucks and vendors will use all compostable or fiberware containers.

Single Use Straws

Straws will not be available with food or beverage purchases. Should you require a straw due to an accessibility issue, these will be available in the medical tent.


Did you know? Squamish is located in bear country and the festival is doing its part by supplying bear-resistant garbage containers throughout the festival and walkways. Do your part by not littering, and help us make sure that all food waste goes into bear-resistant containers. Consider this where you park and at your campsite also! A garbage-fed bear is dangerous to humans, and often leads to dire consequences for the bear itself. Learn more: check out Squamish’s Camping in Bear Country brochure, and help to keep wildlife wild.